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Worried, that unlike Pakistan talent adult actors shouldn’t be ban in bollywood: Mahika Sharma

Mahika Sharma

Actress Mahika Sharma who will be seen opposite adult film star Danny D in upcoming bollywood movie ‘The modern culture’ says she is scared and worried about ban on adult artist being part of bollywood, unlike Pakistan talent.

“I feel bollywood is nothing about Indian or non indo artist, its all about talent and thats how it should be. Agree to Ekta Kapoor maam.. its all about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Pakistan’s talent are wonderful and entertaining. But the ban on them shows how insecure we are about having them in our entertainment industry. I feel worried and scare thinking if those british adult film actors shouldn’t be ban from our bollywood, as they ban Pakistani celebs. As they are ban we are forced to watch the same regular Indian talent which at times turns boring,” she said.

Later talking about her role in upcoming bollywood movie she adds,  “The modern culture, is a movie based upon the mentality of people today. Like today we say we are modern but we still judge people on terms of clothes, the way they communicate and even on gender at times. I’m playing the role of a typically Indian girl ‘Geeta’ who goes in search of her husband living in LA and acts to be modern. But from inside I keep judging people their and I meet Danny who is modern guy who changes me and help to adjust their and we fall in love. Basically the story is very exciting people will enjoy the romance and the decent comedy.”
Talking about her co-star Danny D, the British adult film star she said, “Danny is really a talented artist. He will for sure be the next super star in Bollywood. He has been a great actor, director and Producer in his adult films. Now his talent will for sure be accepted and appreciate by our Indian audience. I feel Danny will grab indian heart with his smile.”
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