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World’s highest number of smokeless tobacco deaths in India: Study

smokeless tobacco
smokeless tobacco

Though we hear a lot about the smoking deaths and health hazards, however, if you check the latest reports in India, the smokeless death in the country is highest in the world. This is being reported in the recent study carried out by the agencies working in this field. As per reports, India has 75 percent of deaths due to smokeless tobacco, which tolls to around a quarter million of deaths all across the world.

After, India, Bangladesh is the second nation to have around 70 percent of death tolls due to smokeless tobacco, which alarming figure for the Asian continent. As per the study, which was conducted in 115 nations, around 113 nations have been recorded to get hampered by the tobacco in some way or the other. The major causes behind the tobacco death comprises of mouth cancers and oesophagus along with a sizeable amount of deaths due to heart diseases.

Ironically these figures are still not taken seriously by the government agencies for their own vested interest. After all a huge pile of taxes have been collected by the tobacco companies working for the deaths of people consuming the same. As per the experts of public health at the Department of Health Sciences/Hull York Medical School, the government at the Asian nations particularly India and Bangladesh seem to lag behind in having proper laws, which can curb this issue.

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