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World Smile Day 2022: Stress killer, Health healer! Know why you should laugh for at least 10 minutes every day

World Smile Day 2022 is here as it’s October 7. This day is celebrated on the first Friday of October each year since 1999, when Harvey Ball, an artist, declared this day. The main intent of marking this day is to devote a day in a year to some little kind acts that bring smiles to faces.

Like every year, we have to just follow a single theme, “Do one act of kindness, help a sad face smile.”

Besides bringing smiles to other faces, doing the same for ourselves becomes our responsibility. After all, smiling is essential for us as it is a ‘Stress Killer, Health Healer’ for all of us. Many yoga professionals and doctors have claimed that smiling can cure diseases and help you recover easily. It’s a fact that a laughing person is more often a healthy person. The more you laugh, the more you live!

Today, on World Smile Day, we will tell you why you should laugh for at least 10 minutes every day.

1) Smiling accelerates your breathing, heartbeat, and blood flow. When you smile, around 10–12 muscles move. 

2) Smiling causes your body to produce chemical hormones, which in turn help to keep other necessary hormones functioning. This helps your body to keep working properly.

3) When you laugh, a notable amount of stress is reduced. Research says that women smile more often compared to men, and that’s why they can perform their duties better. 

4) It promotes positivity, and when you are positive, you will be able to complete your tasks with ease and without making mistakes. It’s because your mind is at ease, free of stress, which makes you confident while you are doing any kind of work.

5) You can get rid of mental issues like anxiety and depression if you laugh every day. 

6) Smiling makes it easier to deal with unpleasant situations. A study was conducted on 15 participants in a group watching a comedy show on TV. Their pain tolerance increased by 10%.

7) When you smile, your blood pressure remains normal. At the same time, it increases the blood flow, due to which our heart can pump well and remain stronger.

No doubt, smiling has tons of benefits. So keep smiling, and stay healthy and happy! We wish you a cheerful World Smile Day!

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