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Will Priyanka Chopra get National Award for Mary Kom ?

Priyanka Chopra in Mary Kom

This is an important question to ask especially when Priyanka’s next movie – Mary Kom is all set to release this Friday. It has already garnered a positive remarks on its posters and the trailer embarking the social media sites. In fact, the government of Maharashtra has gone one-step forward announcing it to be a tax free movie in the state. With this gesture, even UP government too has replicated this idea and made Mary Kom a tax free movie in this state as well especially after making Mardani and Katiyabaz the tax free movies here.

With so much of response for the movie and positive reviews about the hard work and performance being visible over the film’s trailer, it is quite evident to predict another National Award for Priyanka Chopra. Thanks to her incredible performance and the subject chosen by the director to make the true legends like Mary Kom more popular before the country and even in overseas. In fact, if you remember, PC has been known to play versatile roles in a number of movies and even bagged a National Award for her exceptional performance in Fashion, which is Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie in 2008. With Mary Kom embarking this Friday, you can expect similar things from Pee Cee.

If you check the promos, PC has been simply outstanding in this movie, which would simply help in garnering all rounds of applaud for incredible performance. In fact, even the trade pundits have been expecting positive about the movie as Priyanka Chopra plays a good role in this boxing legend centric movie. With so much of research, efforts and hard work both at the filmmakers’ and Priyanka’s end, it seems that the movie Mary Kom and even PC is all set to win hearts for it, which can fetch her the awards like the National ones.

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