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Will you get a replacement of Salman Khan for Big Boss Season 8 ?

Though there were rumors across the B Town and across that Salman would be replaced by Akshay Kumar, however, the popularity and perfection the former star carries is impeccable. Hence you can find there isn’t any confirmation for this news. Salman is often the good man doing lots of stuff, which add humour, controversy in the program. And as far as the Bigg Boss Program is concerned, it is nothing but a blend of many things over the Indian Television. It is considered to be the right blend of masala with so many things with so many ugly fights to daring challenges and romance.

Both the show and the people participating has been the talk of the town and needless to talk about Salman Khan who often secures headlines for the said program. Every passing year you can find the names of this program being conjectured for the top slot or the winner of the program. Even you can find blasting reports in the media about this program and man. The media also talked replacing Salman, however, no such official confirmation has been rolled out. However, the channel Color is finding difficulty in replacing the actor and Salman doesn’t seem to be responding about the same.

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