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Why Salman Khan starrer movie Sultan was a flop at China Box Office?

sultan china box office

Last week, we saw Salman Khan starrer movie called Sultan was released in China. The trade seemed optimistic about the business prospects about the movie in the neighboring country. The movie was released in a big way in this country but after a week of its release, it has failed to impress the audience and so had a meager buzz over the box office. After having around 44,000 shows in the country, the figures over the box office seemed really pathetic. Considering the fact that the previous film of Salman Khan released in China called Bajrangi Bhaijaan did well over the box office and it has attracted the people far and wide.

Hence it would be interesting to see why the film has failed over the box office getting only 21 crore INR in the country. The film Sultan has been a sports movie which was directed by Abbas Zafar, it was given a touch of a masala movie in B Town thus taking away the reality element in it. The strange story of a man getting trained only for 30 days is able to fight and win the medal in a big way. Perhaps these reality checks have given a tough time to Chinese audience to catch the film. This is because people in China have been learning the self defense skills and have been enjoying their life with it. So despite the fact that the film has been an entertaining movie failed to work at the box office.

The other reason why this film has failed to impress the audience is the fact that the film Sultan had to face a tough competition from the Hollywood movie called Mission Impossible: Fallout and Ant-Man, which was released on the same time thug making things bad to worse for the movie. The other reason why it failed at the box office since the earlier movies (Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Secret Superstar) from B Town that were released in China had female protagonist, which have therefore shaped the taste of the audience in China. However, sultan lagged behind in these elements that made it hampered over the box office.

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