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Why Rajkummar Rao is a ‘greedy’ actor? Let’s know about it

rajkummar rao

Rajkummar Rao is a critically acclaimed actor as he ensures to go inside the skin of the character so well that he proves his niche of acting. The actor has proved this in many movies and his recently two movies released called Fanney Khan and Omreta proves the same, and now we are all set to see his next film called Stree is all set to release which happens to be a horror comedy. The actor is also known for his simple living and humility thing so how on earth is this man greedy about it. Well, the actor is greedy for scripts and he takes 2-3 scripts a year to do films. But wait before you start judging the actor for being greedy for money think twice, he is greedy for good scripts.


He is greedy for doing good roles, which can help him to prove his point all the time. Be it the role in the film Trapped, Newton of Bareilly Ki Barfi, he has loads of such films to prove his worthiness in the market. In fact, last year, he did six different movies and every movie has proved that he is an accomplished actor and ensured that he has done films of his own choice and entered inside the skin of the characters. He said recently that he is lucky to get one good script to the other and Stree is one of them. Talking about himself, he said everyone in B Town is replacement including him and no one infallible. He said he now intends to do only two films a year and sit back at home.


He then said he is a greedy actor and greedy for good scripts. He continued he will do all the films that comes in his way. He said he likes to rest a less and wants to be in search of a good script all the time. He has also turned out a few films but he is honest enough to confess about the same. He said he has to say no to a few good people but then said that they were good and sweet enough to understand.

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