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Why ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ secretly released on OTT? Reason revealed!

Laal Singh Chaddha, which stars Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor, was recently released silently on OTT in the middle of the night. We have all seen the stars promoting their movies when they make their digital debut. Sometimes, they also hold a press conference or share a post on their social media. But it didn’t happen with Laal Singh Chadha, and the movie secretly made its way to streaming platforms. Therefore, when the news of its OTT release came out, it shocked everybody.

Everyone kept wondering about what made Aamir Khan secretly stream his movie on OTT, and that too, at midnight. If you are thinking the same thing, then this post is for you! We are going to tell you why.

Laal Singh Chaddha faced strong opposition even before it entered into theatres. After the release in cinemas, the boycott trend and protests increased even more. Due to the never-ending negativity surrounding the film, it finally failed miserably at the box office. Considering this, the makers and the star cast didn’t announce its arrival on OTT to keep it away from the old situation.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Makers want to compensate for the loss

Laal Singh Chaddha had to suffer a lot due to boycott trends and protests. The film, which was made at a high budget of Rs. 180 crores, managed to gross only Rs. 133.5 crores in its lifetime run. That’s why Aamir and the makers decided to release it on OTT just 55 days after the loss occurred to compensate for the loss. Otherwise, it was going to be released on OTT after 6 months.

Aamir wanted to sell Laal Singh at 150 crores, but Netflix wasn’t ready

Aamir demanded Rs. 150 crores from Netflix for Laal Singh Chaddha. Given its failure, Netflix insisted on paying only 80 or 90 crores for the film. After a lot of pressure, the actor cracked the deal for 90 crores. According to reports, they were afraid that Netflix would cancel the deal. That’s why they hurriedly released the film in eight weeks instead of six months.

Laal Singh Chaddha on OTT
Laal Singh Chaddha on OTT

Laal Singh Chaddha adopted this method to avoid trolling

The film welcomed the silent debut on OTT to stay away from the trolls that occurred at the time of theatrical release. Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor were targeted for everything when it happened. Therefore, makers chose not to promote the film’s digital debut to get rid of trolling. But they released the film at night, 15 days before the decided release date so that it spreads among the audience. 

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