Why cheat India actress Nanda Yadav Flaunts Her Fitness In Sizzling Yoga Asanas on Yoga Day

Nanda Yadav has got a body to die for and she has acquired that through yoga and more. She is a very keen believer in yoga and the yogic state. She was last seen in the movie why cheat India alongside Emraan Hashmi. She has recently launched her own youtube channel as well where she would be sharing some amazing stories.

Nanda Yadav

We spoke to her on the occasion of international world yoga day and here is what she has to say, “yoga is the alignment of the mind, Body and the soul in one line. Many believe that its only for the body but the science of yoga is developed in such a manner that it calms our minds and makes us immune to anything that can disturb our equilibrium. That for me is yoga. I have been practicing it for a long time now and it has helped me immensely in my life. It has just changed the way my mind and body performs. I wish everyone a very happy world yoga day.”

Nanda Yadav

Yoga definitely brings us a lot of perspective and growth overall in our lives. We should definitely take to it and start small and gradually reach a desired point.

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