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WHOA! Salman Khan rented out his 758 square feet Bandra apartment for THIS whopping amount per month!

Salman Khan is said to have rented out one of his Mumbai mansions. According to a source, the actor has rented out his residence in Shiv Asthan Heights, Bandra West, Mumbai, for 95,000 per month. The rental apartment is located on the 14th floor and measures 758 square feet in size. Salman personally resides in Bandra, in the Galaxy Apartments, which is adjacent to the city’s Bandra Bandstand.

According to Money Control, the actor’s apartment agreement was registered on December 6, according to records obtained by Zapkey.com. “Documents revealed that the agreement’s term is 33 months,” the article stated. The rentee is said to have paid a deposit of Rs. 2.85 lakh, with the agreement including a 5% escalation clause.

Salman has a few properties in Mumbai and the surrounding areas. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan Ventures Private Limited is said to have rented out a duplex residence in Bandra for Rs. 8.25 lakh per month. According to papers, Baba Siddique and Zeeshan Siddique own the duplex on the 17th and 18th floors of Maqba Heights. The contract was reportedly renewed earlier this year by the actor.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan stays in a one-bedroom flat at Mahesh Manjrekar’s apartment complex, according to Mahesh Manjrekar. Salman also has a farm house in Panvel, which is on the outskirts of the city.

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Mahesh stated regarding Salman: “You (addressing Siddharth) must’ve seen where Salman stays (he lives in a flat in Mumbai) which I think is a one-bedroom flat. Half the time when I go (to his) home, he’s lying on the sofa in the drawing-room. Sometimes I really feel that behind this man… itna success hai huge success… Uske peeche jo aadmi hai na wo typical middle class aadmi hai (The man behind the successful sta is a middle-class person).”

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