Bigg Boss 16

WHOA! Neha Bhasin goes over the top in a task on Bigg Boss OTT, surprises Ridhima Pandit with kisses on lips!

Neha Bhasin was seen kissing Ridhima Pandit on the lips in the newest Bigg Boss OTT assignment. Wasn’t this Bigg Boss OTT you were looking forward to? Everything about this season is literally “over the top,” as host Karan Johar promised. Bigg Boss had given the housemates a task to complete, and he had divided the house into two teams: Team Moose and Team Neha.

As the work began, Neha decided to spice things up a little and make a daring move by kissing Ridhima on the lips.

The goal was to draw Ridhima’s attention away from her statue position. Team Neha will win the round if she barges. It remains to be seen whether Ridhima will genuinely leave her position or will continue to play along with her.

Ridhima, while talking about if she is ready with this season’s OTT theme, before entering the house said, “Will I ever be ready? I’m not sure! And then another part of me says let’s start right away! It’s like waiting in the line for a rollercoaster. As scary as it looks, you can’t wait to jump on and feel the adrenaline rush too!”

Moving on, when it was Team Moose’s turn, Divya Agarwal lost her composure during the challenge when Ridhima Pandit splashed antiseptic on her head, which got into her eyes. Ridhima apologised and tried to explain the matter to her as she was on the edge of punching her.

“It wasn’t the intention, I poured it on your head, it shifted to the eye,” she said.

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