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Who is Sahil Purkait, the famous actor model and singer

There are Dreamers and There are Achievers. Today we will talk about a youth sensation of India and the pride of the country Sahil purkait. He hails from an affluent family in Delhi, Multitalented Sahil Purkait Made It Big In The Entertainment Industry Without Any Big Launchpad Or Godfather.

An exuberant young man, Sahil purkait is famous actor, singer, dancer and social media influencer. He’s got huge fam following on multiple social media platforms with more than 2lakhs followers on his instagram. He believes in building up relationship and looks for friend around, if you wishes to follow him on his social media, you can add him up @sahilpurkait_

Sahil Purkait always wanted to be a star in the entertainment industry. While watching popular celebs on the big screen made Sahil feel ecstatic, and he wished to be like them. He was always serious about his passion and didn’t waste time on short-term pleasures. To improve his skills, he used to take part in as many school plays and dramas as possible. After completing his education till the 12th, he decided to take a plunge into professional acting.

The main difference between those who make their dreams come true and those who don’t is ‘belief’. If you believe in your dreams and are determined enough to push your boundaries to make them real, then all-stars will align in a way to make it happen for you. SK Giyasuddin Purkait, aka Sahil Purkait, also had big dreams, and nothing could stop him, thanks to his strong will and hard work.

Sahil is a 27 years old boy based in Kolkata, currently working in Delhi, where he is living his dream of being an actor, singer, dancer and social media influencer. With so many skills, he is indeed a multitalented personality.

Sahil Purkait started as a TikTok star and gained a followership of 100k in 6 months. But after the platform got banned in India, he had to think of something else. That’s when he joined MXTakatak. Thanks to his immense talent, Sahil didn’t take time to rise to stardom and achieved 400k followers in just a month.

Sahil owns his own production house named MG Production and Films. He marked his debut through a Bengali music video that was produced by his own production house. Sahil was outstanding in the video and received critical acclaim as well. Apart from that, he has worked in many Bengali short films and music videos and has been appreciated for them as well.

With so many achievements at such a young age, Sahil Purkait has proved to be an inspiration for many people. He has also proved that you don’t always need a huge launch to make it big as an artist. If you have the real talent, even small steps will prove to be huge platforms for you and help you achieve your dream.

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