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Who did Salman Khan say “Chhote Ustaad” on the stage of Dance+ 5

Salman Khan on the satge of Dance+ 5 show

Dance+ is one of the most liked dance reality shows on television and it continues to impress viewers with a great performance in the 5th season. This weekend is also a special treat for television viewers, as our superstar Salman Khan will be coming on the set of Dance + 5.

As such all the shortlisted contestants are constantly introducing new aspects and dance styles to impress the audience. Their spectacular dance performances are getting better every day. Superstar Salman was thrilled to be a part of the show and praised the performance of the dancers.

One particular contestant who impressed Salman Khan completely with his dancing skills was Monarch. Monarch, who hails from Junagadh, has been a topic of discussion since the beginning due to his short stature and has now achieved complete success due to his dancing talent.

His brilliant dance moves mesmerized everyone and Salman Khan too praised his performance and said, “Yeh toh chhote ustaad hain!” After receiving such a great praise from the Bollywood superstar, Monarch was overjoyed and he gave him Thanked

To see the choreographed dance of “Chhote Ustaad” Monarch on Dance+ 5 which has received a lot of praise from Salman Khan, stay tuned Dance+ 5 every Saturday-Sunday at 8 pm only on Star Plus.

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