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When Divya Agrawal slammed beau Priyank Sharma of cheating on her

Priyank Sharma gained massive popularity when he was in Splitsvilla with Divya Agarwal. But when Priyank entered the Bigg Boss house, things got ugly between the couple as Divya was disappointed with his thing that was more than a friendship with Benafsha.

During one of the unseen footage of the show back then, where Benafsha and Priyank were seen talking about developing feelings for each other and worked as the last nail in the coffin for Divya.

In an interview with IBT, Divya Agarwal slammed boyfriend Priyank Sharma and said, “Let’s break down the conversation. Firstly, why did Benafsha say ‘Forget about it, it will be bad for both of us’. In the previous episode Hina clearly said that Priyank’s ‘Jaan’ is in USA and now suddenly Priyank and Benafsha are attracted towards each other. Secondly, Priyank said ‘I won’t have any problems outside but Benaf will.’ – I mean, Wow! Is he taking me for granted? He won’t have problems seriously?.”

She further continued and said, “I crave to listen my name or something about me from his mouth. My parents are watching this show every day and when I tried defending they gave me an example of Vikas Gupta and Hiten – how are they behaving with girls, nobody’s being touchy or cozy.”

Later Divya took to her Instagram handle and shared a picture with Priyank Sharma on her Instagram with a heartfelt caption that read, “My Instagram posts are to revive the feeling and the time I spent with him. But the Priyank I fell in love with was different and I am glad he chose Bigg Boss, I saw his true colors. Priyank is a nice guy and a lovely person to be with but I cannot adjust with such a person anymore. I cannot see myself getting hurt anymore. After today’s episode, I am fed up. I am a little orthodox but this is not fair. I feel cheated and I would like to end this right now.”

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