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When Bollywood Stars Caught Sleeping on the Sets

No doubt we are humans and whatever we do irrespective of the easiest task it may be but in the end we all require some rest to our mind and body isn’t? This is something which we all do concur with the situation don’t you? The same goes with our beloved Bollywood celebs who work day and night for about more than 18hrs a day and something they even work for sleepless nights, just to embark there looming projects i.e. movies and their primary motto is to entertain the Bollywood audience and last but not the least their loving fans, so that the movie which will be in the air soon should have a blast in the Box office.

But this time I don’t know whether you believe or not, we have something really crazy for you and that will actually make you laugh like never before and that can be even like you’ll be correlating with your day to day life soon after having a glance on the pics below. As per the sources we have captured some really stunning cum lazy pics that not only include the king Khan of Bollywood i.e. Shah Rukh Khan but also our beloved cum dashing Sallu bhai, have a look here..

Deepika Padukone :

deepika padukone sleeping on set

Alia Bhatt

alia bhatt

Akshay Kumar :

akshay kumar sleeping on set

Salman Khan :

salman sleeping on set

Shahrukh Khan :

shahrukh khan sleeping on set

Ranbir Kapoor :

ranbir kapoor sleeoing on set

Priyanka Chopra :

priyanka chopra sleeping on set

Ranveer Singh :

ranveer singh sleeping on set

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