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What’s the second film of Sooraj Pancholi?

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Many people asked Aditya Pancholi after his film Hero. After an average business, many felt Sooraj would take time to choose his second film using his wit and intelligence, however, with lots of ponder he has chosen the one called which also stars his parents – Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab. The film is a comedy called Googly Ho Gayi. In this film his father is playing the character of a don, while her mother is playing the mother of Parth Samthan which is played by Sooraj himself. When the asked the novice actor, he nodded to the question though he claimed that he is still to get the script, which has to come from their family friend Subhash who is behind making this film.

Later Subhash informed that Zarina is playing a cool and stylish don mother and would play a very healthy comic role in it. Aditya and Zarina make a coupe in the film but they meet in the climax of the movie while coming to Mumbai. The character of Aditya in the film is very much paranoid yet to be finalized, while Parth who loves to act and has the virus of acting in him consider Anil Kapoor playing the star in the film as his idol. Parth visits to Bombay in order to become a hero who lives with eunuchs and even becomes on in order to earn money. Sooraj Pancholi at the end is seen as himself becoming a star in the film doing a cameo in this character.

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