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What’s the career plan of Meera Rajput

Meera Rajput

Meera Rajput is among the most reported star wife in B Town. She keeps on making headlines for most of the time for good reasons and we also heard that she would make her debut in B Town. But when she was asked about the rumors, she simply said that she was in headlines recently she said she has often discussed about the same and that she is very busy with her daughter Misha.

She further said that acting is really difficult for her and that she is not sure about it anymore as her current focus is Misha. She said in an interview to a tabloid wherein she asked about the plans about pursuing a career wherein she said that she will love to work in any creative field and now requires time. Her choice of work will be lifestyle or food, which she will decide after she will have two babies.

She has been candid about the same for being a celebrity and said that the idea of being a star wife is simply outdated now and that you can brush aside or give the importance for being a wife always with her star husband.

She said that putting her husband and her into the same plane is certainly not a wise thing to do. She often is seen saying to her husband that she loves him a lot but not his profession. She further said that though it was easy for him to accept and feel fancied about her husband’s profession before marriage but now with kids it has become difficult.

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