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What’s Up with Bips & Karan Marriage?

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When Bipasha Basu got married to Karan Singh Grover in a fat Indian wedding, many thought that the latter would soon find a reason to spoil his marriage with the dusky beauty considering his past records. He has already married twice and the marriage with Bips was his third.

However, contrary to this belief, Bips and Karan seems to be steady in their relationship and the couple never shy away to express their love even before the presence of media. They have been candid about expressing their love even at the public places.

Amidst all, there seems to be some trouble with the couple. Yes you heard it right but it’s not between the couple but the friends of Karan doesn’t seems to like Bips anymore. The reason to this is that Karan and his wife has been together always even when the latter is seen hanging out with his friends.

Initially it went smooth though when Bips joined Karan but later his friend started complaining and feel uncomfortable with the presence of the dusky beauty. However, Karan also loves her lady to be accompanied all the time.

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