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WHAT! Shamita Shetty REVEALS “Raqesh Bapat is not the man for me”, details inside!

Shamita Shetty, an actress, has been making news for a long time. Her chemistry with Raqesh Bapat has piqued the interest of the audience. The Bigg Boss OTT lovebirds have been having a tough patch for the past week, and they are frequently seen talking about loyalty and other matters.

The couple recently got into a heated argument, with the Zeher actress accusing Raqesh of failing to support her during a dispute with Divya Agarwal. She was also recently seen having a talk with singer Neha Bhasin, “Raqesh Bapat is not the man for me”. The entire episode conspired when Raqesh asked Shamita to team up with Divya during the job, as shocking as it may sound.

Shamita, who had never spoken to Divya, put her faith in Raqesh’s claims and extended her hand to make an alliance. To everyone’s surprise, Divya betrayed her and partnered with Moose Jattana at the last moment.

Shamita afterwards chastised Raqesh for trusting the wrong people and declared that she no longer wants to be with him.

In a recent social media post, former Bigg Boss competitor Kamya Panjabi slammed Shamita for her rude behaviour in her relationship with Raqesh. She wrote, “U are right #shamita @RaQesh19 is not the man for u, u want someone who can dance on ur beats.. Raqesh is definitely not the one! N yes he is not confused infact he seems to be more clear now. #BiggBossOTT.”

Meanwhile, on Bigg Boss OTT, Shetty discussed her personal life. The 42-year-old actress became upset while speaking with Neha Bhasin and explained how she sadly lost her first partner. Shamita Shetty, on the other hand, did not reveal his name.

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