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What Shah Rukh Khan has to say about Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway ?

Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar, recently took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the film “Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway.” In his review, Khan praised the central performance of his dear friend and colleague Rani Mukerji, who plays the titular character of Mrs. Chatterjee.

Khan’s review is a glowing endorsement of Mukerji’s acting abilities, as he commends her for bringing the character to life in a way that only a queen can. He also notes that Mukerji’s portrayal is central to the film’s success, highlighting the importance of her character’s journey and struggles. Check his tweet:

Beyond Mukerji’s performance and calling her as Queen, Khan also praises the film’s director  for presenting a story of a mother’s fight for her child’s right to a better life.” This sentiment echoes the film’s synopsis, which centers around Mrs. Chatterjee’s battle against the Norwegian government’s decision to separate her from her son, who has been taken into foster care.

Khan’s review is notable not just for its endorsement of the film, but also for its support of Mukerji, with whom he has worked on multiple occasions in the past. The two actors have a close relationship, having collaborated on popular films such as “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” and “Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.”

Khan’s review is likely to have a positive impact on the film’s reception, particularly in India where he has a massive following. His endorsement of Mukerji and the film’s message is sure to draw more attention to “Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway,” which has already been generating buzz for its topical subject matter.

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