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What! RRR Team Spent 80 Crores & Not 8 Cr as reported for The Oscar Campaign

There have been reports circulating in the media recently claiming that the team behind the mega budget South Indian film ‘RRR’ spent a whopping 80 crores on the film’s Oscar campaign, rather than the previously reported 8 crores. The reports have caused a stir among fans and critics of the film industry, with many questioning the legitimacy and necessity of such an expense.

According to the reports, the film’s director, SS Rajamouli’s son, Kartikeya, allegedly reduced the amount reported in order to avoid questions about the bill. The campaign reportedly included billboards and advertisements in Los Angeles, as well as a special screening for members of the Academy Awards voting body.

While it is not uncommon for Indian films to campaign for the Oscars, the reported amount spent on the ‘RRR’ campaign is significantly higher than most. Many have expressed concern that such a large expense could be better used to support more deserving causes, such as providing resources and aid to those in need.

However, it is important to note that the reports have not been confirmed by the film’s production team or by any official sources. It is always important to approach unverified claims with caution and to seek out reliable sources and evidence before drawing any conclusions.

At the same time, the reports have also highlighted the role of campaigning and promotion in the film industry. While the quality of a film should ideally speak for itself, it is often the case that extensive marketing and promotion can make a significant difference in a film’s success and recognition.

Thus, it is up to each individual to decide whether the reported 80 crore expenditure on the ‘RRR’ Oscar campaign was justified or not. However, it is important to remain critical and informed, and to question the ways in which resources are allocated in the entertainment industry.

Ziya Khan


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