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What Rakhi Sawant has to say after Court Hearing of Adil Khan Durrani Case?

Recently, popular Bollywood item girl Rakhi Sawant made shocking statements after attending a court hearing related to the Adil Khan Durrani case. Adil Khan Durrani is a self-proclaimed godman who was accused of rape by a woman, and Rakhi Sawant had appeared as a witness in the case.

After the hearing, Rakhi Sawant spoke to the media and made some startling claims. She stated that Adil Khan Durrani had threatened to kill her if she testified against him in court. She also alleged that she had received threatening phone calls from his associates, and that she had been offered a bribe of Rs. 25 lakhs to withdraw her testimony.

These statements by Rakhi Sawant have caused a sensation in the media and have sparked a lot of debate and discussion. Many people have expressed their shock and dismay at the level of intimidation and threats that a witness in a court case can face.

Rakhi Sawant is known for her outspoken and controversial statements, but this incident has shown that the issue of witness protection in India is a serious one. It is important for the legal system to ensure the safety and security of witnesses who come forward to testify in court cases, especially in cases as sensitive as those involving rape and sexual assault.

The Adil Khan Durrani case is just one example of the challenges faced by the Indian legal system in ensuring justice for victims of sexual violence. It is important for the system to address these challenges and provide a safe and secure environment for witnesses and victims to come forward and seek justice.

In conclusion, Rakhi Sawant’s shocking statements after the court hearing of the Adil Khan Durrani case have highlighted the issue of witness protection in India. It is important for the legal system to take steps to ensure the safety and security of witnesses, so that justice can be served in cases of sexual violence.

Ziya Khan


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