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What is Kiki, why the whole world and now Bollywood is after it?

The people who dwell in the world of Social Media understand the term Kiki very well. Be it YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, we hear the term everywhere. The bug of Kiki seems to have bit all of us. The fact is even a number of Channels and websites have put this term into the discussion. And now the fever of Kiki has come a long way to India. After affecting the theatres and other media, the Kiki seems to have bugged the Bollywood. It is not less than a epidemic that has spread all over the world. All the answers could be found easily in this post, how about checking the same as under.

What is that Kiki Challenge?

Well, the Kiki is nothing but a song that has been released in Canada from the Album from the latest Scorpion. In this type of songs, the singer has come down on the road and dance while the car is moving along on the road.

What Is Kiki Challenge

No such dance in the song

Interestingly, this song and other similar songs falling in this type, has no such dance that the people do while coming down from the moving car. The fact of the matter is you will not find any such dance in the original song.Kiki Challenge

This man brought the trend

So, the big question is, if this has not started with the song, how come the move is associated with the song is the big thing to know. This trend has been started by the show called the siggy show. It the host of this song that has triggered this trend in the market. Soon when it came out from this song, it turned out a big trend in the media.

Wrapping Up

So, the next time when you come across this term Kiki, well, you would certainly get to know about it very easily. Let’s see how things would move in the coming days, how the B Town would adopt it further, stay tuned to know more about it. Put your comment here!

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