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What! Camila Cabello found wearing less makeup for ‘Cinderella’ scary

Singer Camila Cabello essays the role of a Cinderella in Amazon Prime’s ‘Cinderella’. The singer revealed how she found it “scary” wearing a lot less makeup for the film.

On Sky’s ‘Backstage Podcast, Camila said, “Acting in a movie is so much more raw and unfiltered than when I’m doing a on Sky performance on TV,”.

Camila Cabello added: “First of all, a lot less makeup, which at first I (found) scary, and I think that there’s a big surrender that comes with films and a lot of trust, like trusting the director.”

That is different than music where it’s a little bit more kind of rigid and controlled and you present yourself in this one way.”

When asked about the biggest challenge, Camila said: “It is so intimate — I think the challenge is being really present with who you’re talking to and forgetting that the camera’s there, which can be difficult.”

The ‘Senorita’ singer portrays a stronger and more independent princess in order to inspire young girls.

Camila Cabello said: “I just kept thinking from the perspective of like a young girl, watching this and how growing up, watching these fairytales, you kind of subconsciously internalise a lot of these messages, and I think these are good messages that are going to be subconsciously internalised.”


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