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What! Anupama TRAPS in a fraud, here’s how!

Starplus’ number one show Anupamaa is getting new twists and turns every week. Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey starrer show often top the TRP list. The show is getting loved by the audience all because of its different approach. The coming episodes of the show will have high voltage drama and entertainment.

The upcoming episode of the serial will showcase an interesting twist. Earlier it was shown that Vanjar and Shah family gets to know about Dholakia and Kinjal’s matter. While Vanjar and other family members want to trash him but Anupama stops him and make a big move and makes sure to teach him a good lesson. Later whole Shah family decides to public shame Dholakia.

Meanwhile, Anupama was shown meeting two bank employees for loan procedures. While Vanraj and Bapuji were not present Anupama had to sign the documents immediately.

Now according to the reports, in the coming episodes, it will show that the two were not bank employees but frauds and took advantage of Anupama being uneducated. Anupama didn’t understand the documents and at the same time worried for Kinjal. Amid this hustle and bustle, she signs the papers without discussing anyone.
The two boys who called themselves bank employees turn out to be frauds, where they have taken Anupama’s signature for a wrong deed.
Now it would be interesting to see how Anupama cope up with this fraud and face the family.

Stay tuned for more such updates!

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