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WHAT! Akshara Singh confessed that she has feelings for Pratik Sehajpal, details here!

Since its premiere on August 8, Bigg Boss OTT has generated a lot of buzz. From growing romance between relationships to nasty clashes to surprising disclosures, Karan Johar’s reality show has seen a lot of high-voltage drama recently. Notably, the dynamics in the BB house are shifting with each passing day, as competitors work out their disagreements. In the most recent episode, we saw Akshara Singh and Neha Bhasin, who had been at odds, resolve their differences. Akshara admitted that she liked Pratik Sehajpal while performing the same.

Both were saw sitting and speaking. Neha expressed her displeasure with Akshara’s remark, “Mard le jaate ho.” In response, Akshara stated that she never said anything like that. Her precise remarks, according to the popular Bhojpuri actress, were “mere aadmi par nazar hai.” When she told him she was acting like his wife, the singer was taken aback and questioned why she was angry. Pratik Sehajpal was named by Akshara as someone she liked. The singer confessed to Akshara that she had no notion about her feelings for Pratik after hearing this.

Bhasin went on to say that she had no affection for either Pratik or her former partner Millind Gaba.

Later, Akshara cautioned Neha about Pratik’s game, saying that when Pratik was her connection, he used to complain about how Neha was always pursuing him, and that he always gave the idea that Neha was forcing herself on him. Pratik is using Akshara for the game because she is far more popular than him and he is only two reality shows old, according to Akshara.

However, Neha then went to Pratik and questioned him about the entire conversation. All of the charges were refuted by the actor.

Meanwhile, this week’s eviction has been nominated for Divya Agarwal, Millind Gaba, and Akshara Singh.

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