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Welcome Back Movie Review

welcome back movie review

Too Much of Action and Comedy Ruins the Film

This Friday, you have a solo release, which comes in the form of action comedy film called Welcome Back. The film is directed the talented Anees Bazmee, while it is produced by Firoz Nadiawala under the banner of Base Industries Group. The film has an interesting star cast comprising of actors like Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Paresh Rawal, John Abraham and Shruti Haasan. The two at the latter list are new addition in the sequel being the replacement of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. Of late, in B Town, the sequels have been doing wonders over the box office, before you expect much, time to dig deep into the film and get the crux of the same.


Uday & Majnu played by Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor respectively are the former bhais (goons) are now decent businessmen. Soon, the two witness smart ladies Chandni played by Ankita Srivastava and Maharani played by Dimple Kapadia are seen posing as Princess and Queen of Najafgarh are seen entering their lives of these two men and soon they are seen getting crazy about them. However, the two have their step sister played called Ranjana played by Shruti Haasan has to be married first and then enters another man in a street bhai role called Ajay played by John Abraham from Mumbai who falls in love with this lady. Considering their white collar life, the two are seen separating their stepsister from this street bhai, however, it becomes an exercise to futility. This is where the most powerful and wanted underworld don comes into picture played by Naseeruddin Shah. So, how Ajay finds his way to his love interest from the clutches of this powerful bhai and his son played by Shine Ahuja becomes the climax of the comedy film.

Script, Star Performance and Technical Stuff

Now, talking about performances, the sequel loses its sheen if we compare with the prequel. In terms of humour, comedy, action and performance, the film lags behind than the 2008 prequel called Prequel. More often the film seems lagging behind in having some really cool punches, which made the prequel different from the others. The addition of new cast like John Abraham and Shrutti Haasan doesn’t seem to fit into bills unlike the way Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif mastered in the prequel. The beauty and integrity of the film seems to have hampered to a great extent. Ironically, the script seems losing its sheen from the point it starts, however, in the second half there seems to be the comeback of this film with several cool performances of Naseeruddin Shah, Shiney Ahuja and the duo businessman – Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar. The script gets some life only in the second half, while the humour also adds up to a tangible meaning, which the first half unfortunately lacks.

Now, talking about the other aspects like the music, cinematography, locations and other aspects, these seemed okay. One of the striking features of this film is that it is the first B Town movie, which was shot inside the Emirates Palace based in Abu Dhabi after the Hollywood action flick Fast And Furious. The filmmaker and his team was successful in developing a replica of this Palace in Mumbai film city in order to shoot the song called Tutti as the authorities didn’t allow them to shoot the same in the real palace back in UAE. And not to forget the comeback of Shiney Ahuja in the film who was seen in playing the character of the bigger don in the film seemed decent over the silver screen after almost 8 years. Lastly, talking about the film’s music, it seems worthy enough to catch up especially the special numbers, which are seen well placed and high over the chartbuster’s list.

Welcome Back – Last Word

Though the filmmaker is seen making tall claims about the sequel in terms of quality of content and performance comparing the prequel but the matter of fact is that opposite is true. The earlier instalment of welcome franchise seems to be better than the sequel in terms of good humour, decent performance and music. However, the film at many places was seen suffering in a big way, right from making the audience laugh to entertain people in a way they expected from the sequel. It seems that the filmmakers simply made a sequel with their free will and without actually bothering much about the expectations that come from the audience. Though the film can be called as a family movie to a great extent yet it seems to lag behind in many ways, which makes the credentials of the filmmaker at stake.

Rating – 2.5

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