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Some Weird Habits of Bollywood Celebrities

Unlike the regular people even the Bollywood celebrities are known to have weird habits, some can be bad some could be good some can be even weird. Well, being the fans of a number of B Town actor fans, its your right to know about such weird habits as well of these B Town actors. Some of them are as under, let’s check them out:

Amitabh Bachchan

Let’s start with the mega star, who is known for his peculiar habit, which people even call it really sweet. The Big B is known to wear two wrist watches at one time. So, when he travels together with his kids, Abhishek sets the watch as per the Indian Standard Time while the other one is set on the other time zone. Wow, what an Idea sir ji!

Shah Rukh Khan

This fan has millions of fans around and is known as the King of Bollywood. Many obsess a lot however, King Khan has his own obsession with his footwear. In one of the interviews, he revealed that he never takes off his footwear and does it only when he goes to bed but at times he was also seen sleeping with his shoes. Another interesting thing about his sleepwear is that he always wears ironed pajamas while going to bed at night.

Sunny Leone

This hot diva of B Town and former porn star though could be known for a number of films and her extra hot avatar but she is also known to have a peculiar habit. In fact, this habit has even delayed many shoots both in B Town and other places. She has the habit of washing her feet too often. In fact, this is something, which she barely cannot resist and thus can leave the entire unit waiting for her. This was witnessed while was shooting for her film Jism 2 when she went to clean her feet all the time.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

This is one of the interesting habits of Bebo when the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actress has the habit of biting her nails too often. In fact, all her efforts to shape up her nails can go to vain and thus has to wear acrylic nails all the time.

John Abraham

The handsome hunk of B Town is also known for his own habit, which is not really very much common in B Town or any other circles. John Abraham has annoying habit of constantly shaking his leg regardless of what is he doing or where is in. Well, people do get annoyed seeing the actor doing so, but if it is John doing the same you cannot really stop him.

Sushmita Sen

We do not know much about what we really about this one. The stunning and gorgeous former Miss Universe has an entire terrace being converted into a bathtub. Why, well, she really enjoys taking loads of shower rather than taking the bath in the usual bathroom space.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Now, this actor has his own style of habit, which is both loving and interesting. The heart throb Ayushmann Khurana loves to brush his teeth a lot. He is often ready to bring out his brush and play and romance with the same all to keep his mouth fresh and so the breath.

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