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Wedding Anniversary Movie Review

Wedding Anniversary movie review

Wedding Anniversary Review

Directed By : Shekhar S Jha

Produced By : VK Productions
Cinematography : Shanti Bhushan Roy
Cast : Nana Patekar , Mahie Gill, Priyanshu Chatterjee
Review By : Priyanka Raina
In past , we have seen films which are picturized in one locations such as KAUN Which have critically and commercially won the hearts of audience. Let’s see how our next film “Wedding Anniversary” fares at Box office.
Framed on beautiful outskirts of Goa which is known as the best Chill out place , is film Wedding Anniversary which is based on Celebration of First marriage Anniversary  of Lead Protagonists Kahani (Mahi Gill)  and her husband Nirbhay (Priyanshu). Since Khani met Nirbhay in Goa a , a year back so she wanted to celebrate hr first anniversary in Goa and Nirbhay is about to reach but misses flight due to his promotion and interviews.
Now . Kahani is upset so starts reading a Novel & sets a new journey when is suprised to Find Biggest Writer Nagarjuna (Nana Patekar) at a her Door steps. And what happens next is rest of story with lots of thrills , Excite ment and ofcoarse thundering speeches by Nana Patekar.
There are some amazing journeys by characters which Kahani visualises in her identity, Like For example ; A foreigner is clicking pix of poor Indian women in seductive posture giving her money, and one man comes and stops her saying “This is not our Indian Culture and stop this and hold poor women hand”
Some more beautiful examples of two strangers loving each other from different countries without even knowing common language is portrayed beautifully in form of small Montages.
Post interwal will thrill you with lots of turns and twists of a Journey which Kahani faces and discovers her self, Also Major surprise to reveal the end , But for that wait and watch the film.
Direction : Director  Shekhar S Jha has executed a tight story between Two characters beautifully in a single Location. Love scenes between Nana Patekar  and Mahi Gill will make u laugh by their thundering perfoma of Dialogues .
Music : Music by Abhishek Ray is sensuous, and normally is such films where there are just two characters – Music got to play a lot. and just two songs in film, Both being attached to story.
Review : Three Stars to the Film – Good Try by Director Shekhar S Jha to demonstrate with such a emotional subject and passed with distinction in execution. Nana Patekar is just awesome with his poems to say in poetic way. Also , Brilliant Cinematography by DOP Shanti Bhushan Roy.

Rating : ★★ ★ Stars


Review of WEDDING ANNIVERSARY by Priyanka Raina

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