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Web series Sex-Ed School preaches kids between 9-12 about the sensitive sex topics

nookyEdSchoolThe former teacher Louise Pollard prefers the everyday approach as compared to the one hyped-up sex talk for the growing kids. Rather than one’s parents sitting around and giving their kids “The nooky Talk” or those stammer discussions about the manhood or puberty, it’s always welcome to offer the small doses of sex talks without loading these growing minds.

Enriched with the similar thoughts is the web series that’s coming up named nooky-ed School for teaching and preaching the relative sensitive topics on sex education. The series is programmed to be of great help for the kids between the age of 9 to 12 years.  So, no more averted eyes, no more stammer, all you got to offer open sex education to your kids.

Louise Pollard gives importance to the better way of expression to the today’s kids. As a former teacher and a mother of four, she is also the executive producer of nooky-Ed School, which is an eight-part web series for kids aged nine to 12. Each eight-minute episode features two expert hosts who are perfectly guiding the kids through fun activities and relative talks about topics such as gender, consent, kissing, puberty and being online.

Pollard while speaking on an international media platform, shared the insights about her nooky-Ed School and its inspiration saying, “I have four kids and my youngest just turned 13. I thought, I’ve got a lot to learn about this new demographic and how they’re going to grapple with this new frontier, as being the first generation of true digital natives. As I dug deeper, I realized there’s a lot of great stuff out there. But I was inspired to create something that was brave enough to put kids in the picture instead of just educators.”

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