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Web Series artist Namit Das shared his experiences

Namit Das

Entertainment is running at double the pace of its progress. Cinema steps also continue with this. In this changing phase of technology, everyone now has their own entertainment bottle. Whether it is a village man or a Sheikh sitting in Dubai, everyone can taste it by opening its lid as per their convenience. This is to say of actor Namit Das, who has been shooting for a series A Suitable Boy. During an interview with a news portal, he spoke on several points.

He said, “I am an artist. I do not limit myself. I think that in whatever form I am successful in entertaining people, I am the same.”

On asking about his father, a very famous Chandan Das, he said “Absolutely, music is in my blood. I will try to carry it forward. Wherever I go, people definitely ask about Father. There is a feeling of pride. Is the result of some good deeds.”

Describing his character in upcoming web series ‘A Suitable Boy’, Das added, “In this web series of Meera Nair, I play the character of Haresh Khanna. Those who have read this book will be familiar with this character. Leave a little suspense now, everything will be known when the series arrives.

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