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Watch Kissing Scene by Ariana Grande Smashing Social Media: Was it a Mistake or Reality?

ariana kiss

Well that’s what we are about to enquire, whether this scene can be called as a mistake? Do you really think so? Or was it a reality? I guess let me add some light on what exactly triggered before the fire catching controversy, have a look. One of the renowned singer’s of all and indeed a stunning hot celeb Ariana Grande have done a biggest mistake of kissing her oldest best friend cum a victorious co-star Elizabeth Gillies – A renowned personality not only known as an actress but also as pinner cum singer. Now tell me what say about this? Wasn’t it a biggest mistake? Indeed it was but now both of them are helpless as the sparking video is catching up huge fire on the floor.

I know you’ll might be interested for something in depth isn’t? Then let’s check this out, committing such a mistake though being the most popular celebrities it was expected that it will catch fire around the globe, but adding up such statements even after such a blast sounds something really different. Have a look what they both added on the same. As per the sources Ariana added – “This is one of my favourite post Gillies, she also added that she doesn’t wanted to add this post however it got triggered in the Instagram accidently”. Moreover who says that Gillies didn’t replied on the same? Excited right? Have a glance here – “I was editing the same video, to send it to Ariana but was accident got posted. I don’t regret for my mistake, what happened was actually good.”

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