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Watch Chiranjeevi Blasted on Stupid Fans Video Got Viral


Before you watch the video and conclude something can I ask you a question? Don’t you feel that some fans are really crazy? I guess you actually believe it right? But what if I’ll say that this craziness will lead to something that will pin the sizzling stars and celebs? Sounds something that cannot be easily swallowed isn’t? Check out the buzz about the celebrity which is catching fire.

One of the renowned celebrities of all and rolling politician as well, the one n only Chiranjeevi is the celeb that’s rolling out will be the buzz, check this out what actually happened on the run. As per the sources the incident took place at the music launch of his son’s looming movie ‘Bruce Lee – The Fighter’ where Chiranjeevi himself was invited as an honourable guest. Mean while when he was proceeding to leave the place, one of the crazy fan was following him like anything and in the last was notching selfee that to in front of Chiranjeevi’s car and what’s next?  He indeed scolded his pursuers and said ‘Stupid Fellows’.

Manoj L


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