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Watch Akira Trailer feat Sonakshi Sinha with Power Pack Moves

Jeetu Likhar



Akira Trailer

In what capacity would you be able to enhance a film trailer which has junior shotgun, Sonakshi Sinha, demonstrating her activity çhops, chief Anurag Kashyap turning a baddie and Konkona Sen Sharma being Konkona Sen Sharma? By making movie producer A Murugadoss, he of Ghajini and Occasion popularity, direct it.

Akira’s trailer dropped on Monday and the adrenaline hit couldn’t be more claimed. The film has Sonakshi playing the hero to Anurag’s lowlife who additionally happens to be a policeman.

Sonakshi took to Twitter to share the trailer.

Sonakshi plays an understudy who moves to the enormous, terrible Mumbai with her family. You would imagine that the tormenting of the residential area young lady will take after. It does yet this young lady is more than proficient at taking care of it.

Watch: Sonakshi Sinha Akira’s trailer.

Sonakshi has prepared hard at hand to hand fighting for the film and the preparation appears. She can stand her ground in the activity office and shows some mean moves. Murugadoss, known for his actioners, is close by to catch everything in his camera.

There is a considerable measure in Akira’s past which makes her an imposing rival. She would require every last bit of it as she is hollowed against Anurag in the film.

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