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Want to date SRK’s Daughter- Follow these Sevens set by King Khan

We all know Shah Rukh Khan not as King Khan but also a doting father. So, when it comes to his darling daughter – Suhana Khan, he becomes super possessive at the same time. As we see Suhana Khan growing up to become a gorgeous lasso the super star of B Town doesn’t really want her to see any boy close to her. Her gorgeousness can be gauged very well by checking some of her jaw dropping pictures of the girl that prove she’s quite a fashionista. This is the very reason, for every guy who is keen to date his daughter Suhana Khan SRK has set some ground rules. This clearly shows how Shah Rukh Khan is speaking unlike any father’s mind.

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The actor Shah Rukh Khan in a recent interview with one of the popular magazines had discussed about his kids and also had a discussion about the seven rules that he has laid down for the boys who want to impress and date his daughter Suhana Khan. Time to check these seven rules for dating the girl as under:

  1. Get a Good job.
  2. Better Understand that I don’t like you.
  3. I’m everywhere- Watch it!
  4. Make sure you get a lawyer.
  5. Remember, she is not your conquest but my princess first
  6. If you screw my girl, I don’t mind going behind the bars
  7. Whatever you do to her I will certainly do to you.

This is not a piece of pun or a humor to laugh but serious rules, which are set by her own father the super star of B Town Shah Rukh Khan. So, with a kind warning don’t take this as a joke, because let us tell you, Shah Rukh Khan was pretty serious about the guy following these rules.

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