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Walnut Diet can Curtail Colon Cancer Growth

Colon Cancer is often called one of the menaces in Healthcare sector. The doctors have been trying to reduce the risk of the same and they are therefore seen coming out different ideas. As per a recent research, any diet comprising of walnuts can lead to genetic changes, which can curtain the growth of colorectal tumour, which is among the third most common kinds of cancer in this planet. The study conducted by Harvard Medical School has found out that walnut based diet can help in bringing down good amount of colorectal cancer tissues.

The reasons why it is effective is that walnut based diets incorporate protective fatty acids in the colonic tumour, which comes either via its direct effects of from the additive or synergistic effects over multiple other compounds that are found in walnuts. The dry fruit are the only nut, which is a source of rich alpha-linoleum acid (ALA), which is an important fatty acid that are vital for body processes and has the feature of reducing inflammation. The walnut comprises of a wide range of antioxidants along with minerals and vitamins. So, having such foods can help in keeping the colon cancer under control. This study was published in the known Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

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