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Wah Taj Movie Review

Wah Taj

Unique story but poor implementation has marred the entertainment value of the movie

It is a busy Friday tomorrow when loads of films are being released including the comedy drama movie called Wah Taj. The film is directed by Ajit Sinha, while it is presented by Jayantilal Gada of Pen India Pvt. Ltd along with being co-produced by Pawan Sharma along with Abhinav Verma under the banner of Pun Films Pvt Ltd in association with SpyderWave films. The film has actors like Shreyas Talpade and Manjari Fadnis in the pivotal role, while Hemant Pandey, Rajesh Sharma, Yusuf Hussain, Govind Pandey, Rajeev Verma and Prachee Pathak are seen in the supporting roles. The film was shot in Agra and Mumbai. The music comes from Vipin Patwa along with others. Well, it’s time to catch the crux of the movie as under:


Meet Tukaram Marathe who is a farmer based in a small village of Maharashtra. One day he comes to Agra with his family and claims that the land wherein Taj Mahal stands belong to him. This obviously shocks up the entire nation from common man to the politicians. Soon you find two parties one is the media who is supporting this guy and helping him to get his rights while on the other side, it is the politicians who are simply hell bent in driving this man out from the city. Soon the film turns out to be a courtroom drama wherein the man Tukaram played by Shreyas Talpade has to prove about his claim. So, whether he gets justice or not is an interesting thing to catch.


Well, as you check the trailer or even the film you can certainly find that the movie has a different plot all together though it’s a different story how the film is being implemented. The movie has a quirky plot, which could be turned the USP of the project, however, the director failed to use the potential of the story the way he really could have done. In B Town when there is a dearth of good stories a man coming out of blue in a movie to claim that the land where the Taj Mahal exists seems to be very much refreshing however, the film failed to utilize the kind of potentials the film promises. Despite the fresh idea, the film suffers from a Oh My God hangover as both the movies deal with unusual cases and thus invite the comparisons of the two. The change of the film’s tone from humor to serious seems to be too jarring thing in the film. Despite having an intriguing plot the makers of the movie have failed to harness the lead actors in the film especially the talented Manjari.

Star performances

It’s been long time to see Shreyas Talpade performing in any leading role in any B Town movie. The last time we caught him was in the cameo role of the film called Great Grand Masti. Though he was the right choice for the film’s character but the kind of performance was expected in the film, he seems to be lagging behind. The emotional set back seen in the film has been dangling the makers of the film in a big way. Next comes the gorgeous Manjari Phadnis who has played the female lead role in the movie, however, she wasn’t effectively utilized by the director of the movie. In fact, she had a small screen presence and was not seen taking any pain to play something interesting for the film. The others too remained in the similar plane with not much of the performance seen over the film.

Direction, music and other technical elements

In terms of direction, the film had great scope to exploit but Ajit seems be faltering on this part in a big way. He was not able to unleash the potentials of the script in a right fashion as it had the scope in it and secondly the filmmaker seemed lost in making the movie with a fresh idea though but with lowly kind of implementation. The film suffered a lot in terms of presentation and implantation part. Talking about the music, the film has an ordinary kind of music, which fails to attract the audience. The other elements like screenplay, editing, photography and other technical elements remained too mediocre to discuss here giving the audience a shabby picture all together.

Wah Taj The Last Word

Wah Taj is a quirky comedy film which somehow loses its edge and direction as it turns out to be a serious courtroom affair. The director has failed to exploit the kind of scope the film delivers to him and the makers and thus has ended up falling flat in terms of giving something interesting and unique film to the audience. Thus the rating at the end of the day for the film will remain low.

Rating – 2.0

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