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Vodka Diaries, and Nirdosh 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

nirdosh vodka diaries posters
nirdosh vodka diaries posters

The last Friday had a few movies releasing which included Vodka Diaries and Nirdosh. Both the film had one similarity, they were made with a low budget and had similar ratings along with having low star value. Hence it was apparent to see none of the films creating any kind of buzz in the media. So, as expected, none of the two films could bring much difference to the box office. Now, let’s discuss the way these films were performed at the box office. So, let’s talk about the first movie – Vodka Diaries starring Kay Kay Menon. The film managed to boast with an exciting promo, but due to low promotion, the buzz for the film was almost negligible.

This was reflected in the film’s opening footfalls, which failed to have a difference there. The film had low ratings despite the classic performance over the lead actor – Kay Kay Menon. It was unable to create any kind of buzz in the media giving barely any impact on the box office collection. So, as per the reports, the first-weekend box office collection for Vodka Diaries netted to around 3.5 crores. This means the film could gain around 1 crore each over the box office on a daily basis to give such a collection to the film.

The other film Nirdosh happened to be the massiest affair of all the films releasing this past Friday. The Bollywood thriller had low occupancy in the multiplexes with some relief in the single screens. But the collection was an all-time low in the first weekend though it was slightly higher the other film. As per reports, the first-weekend box office collection for Nirdosh went on to score 4.0 crore. All the films released this Friday still face the competition from the Salman Khan starrer movie Tiger Zinda Hai giving the best of the collection at the box office.

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