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Vocalist Manmeet Singh Gupta and his band deserve every bit of the limelight and true appreciation

In this boisterous and busy life, we often fail to treasure the people who carry the responsibility to sustain the calmness in our life. These are angelic souls with dulcet voices whose singing soothes our minds. Speaking of mesmerizing vocalists, how can one overlook the robust singer Manmeet Singh Gupta? His voice has been replenishing our hearts with a profusion of vim.

Manmeet stepped into understanding music when he stood in the 9th year of his age. He went on to pursue his passion for singing and exploring his career simultaneously. Sooner, Manmeet Singh Gupta started performing at various clubs and cafes which helped him in building a strong fan family. However, the leading role was always played by his tranquillizing singing.

Manmeet Singh Gupta always had dreamt of establishing a band, but he waited for excellent artists who could fit in their roles perfectly. He continued the search until he found the band in the year 2015. Since then, Manmeet and his band Sanyaas have been astounding people with their mind-blocking performances. With Manmeet being the head vocalist, the band has amassed many fans.

However, there have been several times when we enjoy the piece of entertainment and slip to appreciate the artists. Singer Manmeet Singh Gupta deserves more applause and honour than he has. His soulful singing and coordination with his band bestow the best performance every time. Together, these artists have won so many hearts.

The singer has been praised with many titles such as “Voice of nation”, “Mystique Awards”, “Sikh Youth Icon Award”, etc. to name a few. Manmeet Singh Gupta and his band have also done an opening set for the concert of famous singer Lucky Ali. To date, they have performed at prestigious clubs in Mumbai like Opa Cafe & Bar, Bombay Adda, Boho Bar, Barrel and Co, Bombay Cocktail Bar, Level 1 Bet Bar
and many high-circuit weddings. Manmeet and his band are truly entitled to have more prosperity.

Manoj L


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