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Vivek Oberoi’s Exit Poll Meme with Aishwarya Rai Creates Controversy 

As the days for the PM Narendra Modi Biopic is coming close, the makers are keen to create a buzz about the film in the media. This made the lead actor – Vivek Oberoi to post an Exit Poll meme that invited many to troll him and wrath within the B Town. In his tasteless exit poll meme, where we can see Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai seen with the caption opinion poll and then her picture with Vivek Oberoi calling it to be an exit poll, while a photo of Aishwarya with Abhishek Bachchan and their daughter as result.

Babloo Bachelor Poster 1

Just amidst the fuss created from the exit poll predicting the BJP back to power has made many to react, which also included Vivek Oberoi as well. The post gave an idea of how exit poll can grossly do wrong when the Modi biopic actor compared it with the result of Aishwarya’s wedding with Jr. Bachchan. Soon after he shared with the caption as no politics just creative post, many trolled him on the social media. People went on saying that the actor could be in at the higher stage with money and power but can still fall to the lowest level.

Many question as to how Vivek despite being married and have two kids can take a jibe on Aishwarya Rai with her daughter and husband calling it to be an election result. Reacting to the piece of the meme, the National Woman Commission chief Rekha Sharma called the actor and informed him with her tweet that they are serving notice to him on behalf of NCW. She called the meme to be disgusting and distasteful. Many on the internet also trolled him for losing his level and calling it as creativity. The others who slammed him on Twitter included Nidhi Razdan, Sonam Kapur, Lord Megnand Desai, and many more.


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