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Vishal Dadlani condemns internet trolls who mocked ‘Bachpan Ka Pyar’ star Sahdev Dirdo, here’s what he said!

Vishal Dadlani, a Bollywood singer, has defended viral boy Sahdev Dirdo. The youthful sensation recently appeared in rapper Badshah’s cover of ‘Bachpan Ka Pyar,’ and Sahdev was severely attacked by netizens who claimed he lacked talent and that what he does isn’t singing, among other things. People who spoke hurtful things about the boy were chastised by Vishal, who told them to think and speak as he is just 10 year old.

As soon as the kid went viral, he was scooped up by rapper and singer Badshah, who wanted to make a trendy version of the already popular song. The audience, on the other hand, was not impressed and began pounding and insulting the young youngster. Vishal Dadlani lectured those individuals, telling them not to compare one child to another.

People who set kids against each other, calling one better than the other, are called out by Vishal. When Sahdev was invited to perform as a guest on Indian Idol, he had already become a target of jokes and memes. The 48-year-old artist released a lengthy video to his Instagram account defending the viral boy and wrote, “Dono achche nahin ho sakte kya? Leave them kids alone”.


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In his video, Vishal Dadlani stated that he has been witnessing people commenting on how a certain youngster who sings well should become famous and why has the Bachpan Ka Pyar boy gotten viral overnight and garnered so much attention. He stated that both children are young and should be treated equally rather than compared.

He went on to say that while one youngster may be a better singer than another, just because Sahdev has gone viral does not mean he should be dismissed. Finally, he stated that one is entertaining, while the other is talented, and that both are good in their own right, and that people should accept both. Finally, he slammed people and told them to be nice since he’s a kid and this conduct isn’t acceptable.

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