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VIRAL : Shah Rukh Khan’s first look From Brahmastra as Vanarastra is leaked!

This Thursday photos of actor Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo role in Brahmastra starring Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt were leaked. Shah Rukh’s role as Vanarastra in the film is talked about a lot for a few months now. All the fans reacted on Twitter with huge excitement sharing the first look of Shah Rukh as Vanarastra. The look is inspired by lord Hanuman. The film is said to be released in theatres on September 9.

Recently, one of the fan pages of Shah Rukh Khan shared leaked pictures of the actor from the movie. Among all the photos that were shared online, Shah Rukh was seen completely blood-soaked while he gave his signature open-armed pose and golden sparks were seen pouring out of his foot. In another photo, as the character lifts in the air, a bright golden silhouette of lord Hanuman begins to appear


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Well it’s not yet clear from where these images got leaked but the fans are now excited and also convinced that the actor is going to play the role of Vanarastra.

“Leaks from most probably the second trailer of Brahmastra (showing) Shah Rukh Khan as Vanarastra.” one of the fans wrote sharing the pictures on his Twitter handle. Another fan sharing a photo of Shah Rukh wrote, “Shah Rukh Khan with his signature pose from Brahmastra. The only film that is worth being excited for.”

Previously Fans had spotted the actor in the trailer of the movie that was dropped in June. As per the opinions, the one holding up a trident with fire around it, and the one with a supernatural lightning creature of lord Hanuman is the actor himself. Earlier it was also announced that Shah Rukh will have a cameo.

To note soon after the trailer of the movie came, Deepika Padukone fans also shared few screenshots of the character that the fans think the actor is playing. Fans went on to share photos of the ‘Jal (water) character’ from the upcoming film claiming that it was Deepika.

However, a clear glimpse of both the actors as those character were missing from the trailer.

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