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Viral Bayani says ‘Urfi Javed makes more money than any Bollywood actor right now’

Viral Bayani is one of the most popular photojournalists or as many call him paparazzo. While as many as 20 boys from his team are out on the streets of Mumbai, trying to obtain a celebrity shot, he himself sits in his office and makes sure to edit “20-25” posts for his social media handle. His social media reach is about “180 million” as he in his recent interview told the publication that he began his career with a little camera, but now he is so busy that he barely has time for himself. He handles all of his social media on his own.

While talking to Hindustan Times Bhayani stated that his multi-tasking skills take care of his social media. “Urfi Javed ki photos aayi hai,” he exclaims. Talking about the ex Bigg Boss OTT contestant she said that it is not an exaggeration to say that Javed rose to notoriety as a result of her outings in bizarre clothes, which are routinely photographed by Bhayani and other paparazzi. “Urfi Javed makes more money than any Bollywood actor right now. Even my sister questions us why we cover her so much. But she is working,” he said.
That’s simply another day in the life of Bhayani. However, if a huge Bollywood wedding is on the calendar, he may have some restless nights.”Three guys were hospitalized (recently) because of the pressure of work. They don’t get time to relax. We are at war every day. I feel attacked every day. We are always under pressure,” Bhayani shares.

When news of actor Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s wedding broke, Bhayani’s “guys” and other paps stationed themselves in front of the couple’s Vastu residence. Given the circumstances, Bhayani describes the wedding as “scary.”

Viral Bhayani says they understand their responsibility and tries to maintain a distance. “Even you’ll feel offended if I click your baby’s picture without your consent. We often catch several married actors cheating on their partners with someone else. But we don’t indulge in it. Now even we understand,” he ends.

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