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Vir Das Conferred With A Doctorate, first comedian to get this honor

Vir Das

The known actor and comedian that’s how we know Vir Das. And per the latest buzz he is now Dr. Vir Das. He is currently gearing up for his final days and act in Delhi for the act called Boarding Das world tour, which has been honoured with the most prestigious degree of doctorate for his long list of cool achievements in the domain of several performing arts. The actor who has is the product of Knox in Galesburg, Illinois (USA) has now been conferred with one of the most prestigious title of Dr. Vir Das by none other than his ex-university men that had made it a rare achievement for this actor and comedian.

He is popularly known for bringing out an American style to several issues that are rooted in the modern Indian culture. The ceremony in which he gets this new title with his name is scheduled in June 2018. The actor also gets his first first alumnus since 1971 to serve like the commencement speaker for this commencement ceremony that is organised on an annual basis. In the past few years we have seen a wide range of speakers init which certainly include the likes of ex-President Barack Obama and even the actress Eva Longoria.

Talking about this achievement Das said that Knox has been an interesting place to study since he was a kid especially meant for people who cannot just afford to study in the US. He then talked about the amazing faculty, which made him perform. He said he was an economics student who was turned into an actor and comedian only because of this institution. He later added that getting such an honor is fun while his wife has started calling him Doc.So, what do you have to say about this incredible feet do let us know about it.

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