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Vikram Bhatt announces his New Documentary “Once upon a Time with Vikram Bhatt” with SONY LIVE


The man who is known fr introduction of various New Comers not only in acting but also in Technicians, now comes with a show “Once upon a Time with Vikram Bhatt” where he gives illustration about perspective of Film-making and also shares his experience.

In a press Conference , Priyanka Raina asked to Vikram Bhatt , “Since you have Directed a Documentary and Sir your feedback on webseries as it is trending now a days , The League started by YRF”

In reply, Vikram Bhatt said ” Yaa I am very much encouraged the Digital medium is shaping up the way with Short films and Web series. and Yes I am shooting with Web series MAYA which your will hear shortly

Also Vikram Bhatt s Daughter Krishna Bhatt is currently assisting him in “Once upon a Time with Vikram Bhatt”

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