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Vikas Khanna: Nina Gupta taught films made with heart




Vikas Khanna

Chef-turned-writer and writer-turned-filmmaker Vikas Khanna has presented his first directorial feature ‘The Last Color’ for a nomination in the Best Film category at the Oscars 2020.

With the nomination to be announced on Monday, Khanna hopes that his film will go till the end. He said he is grateful to veteran actress Neena Gupta, who continues to guide the cast.

He said, “Neena Gupta always told me that films are made with a lot of heart. I said, I believe that I have got the heart and passion to make a film and I will make it and I have made it, although it was very difficult.

Many people did not join the team at that time, they had their own perception of what kind of film it is. I strongly believed in the story, and I knew that the story is fantastic. The friendship between the characters was an important fact in the story.

Talking about his film’s merits and prospects at the Oscars, he said, “My film has been nominated for the Best Feature Film category at the Oscars 2020. This is an important day for me. This is a miracle for me. Whoever dreams, dreams with confidence, all this is a big thing for him. ”

To be eligible for a nomination in the Best Film category at the Oscars, the film must meet certain conditions. First, it must be over 40 minutes long and have its public premiere at the movie theater during the appropriate calendar year.