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Vijay Jain, who created Taimur Doll, made unique doll for Avi in TV show ‘Meri Gudiya’

Vijay Jain, who created Taimur Doll, made a unique doll for Avi in ​​the TV show ‘Meri Gudiya’ which is starting from December 16. The show will show a doll playing a mother for the first time. The most different concept of ‘Meri Gudiya’ is wooing people through its promos. But the show’s Center of Attraction is made by Vijay Jain, who makes the Taimur doll.

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 In the show, Gaurav Bajaj will be seen playing the lead character and actress Alisha Pawar would play the female lead. A lot of hard work has been done to create this unique doll. To bring this doll to the mother’s feel, the hair of this doll has been given an Indian look, while the doll maker has given his best to customize it.

To make the doll realistic, Doll maker Vijay Jain has finalized the doll of ‘Meri Gudiya’ after several months of research and checking several doll models. Vijay Jain had also made Modi Dolls earlier, fans of PM Modi liked it very much.

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