Sunday, January 16, 2022
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Vijay an Actor cum Producer Conceal Income Tax for 5 Years

Actor Vijay

Now the B town is getting affected by the frauds and stealers. Yes, what you read is indeed truth and is something which we all need to take care of such irresponsibility that now days film stars are even following such activities. As the title explores it’s all about the one n only star who’s often loved by his Tamil fans especially none other than Vijay. A star cum playback singer cum producer who’s always seen in most of the Tamil films, most importantly and a bit shocking a beloved son of film director and producer S. A. Chandrasekhar, has been partially evading payment of tax for the last five years.

Sounds something really shocking isn’t? Of course it is but it’s all about the sources that’re sparking around the globe for the same. Why don’t you have a look on the statements depicted by the officials – “All of them including Vijay have been paying tax but not the full amount. The total tax evaded amount comes to about Rs.25 crore, it is also said that the raid, cash amounting to Rs.2 crore and gold worth Rs.2 crore was recovered,” – As per the sources of Income tax department. Moreover, if we talk about the source of income of the stars n celebs then that might be not be countable by us but still some people do make some useless cheap activities.

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