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Veteran actress Mumtaz reacts to the fans questioning on her return to Bollywood

Recently, Bollywood’s iconic actress Mumtaz and her daughter Tanya Madhvani came live on Instagram. As soon as the mother-daughter duo went live, without even wasting a minute, her fans bombard with a lot of questions during the live session.

One of the questions that were asked during the live chat was whether the actress will make her come back on screens with her amazing acting skills Replying to this, Mumtaz said, “I am not sure if I will get the kind of role that really touches my heart and it will be nice and people will appreciate it.” Ending her answer on an amusing note, she concluded, “First I will have to take my husband’s permission. He will say ‘okay you can do one’. Then maybe I will. Otherwise no.”

Earlier, the news of the actress’s death had spread rapidly on social media, after which many people expressed grief over it. To this, the veteran actress had released a video message amidst rumors circulating about her death. In this video, the actress can be seen saying, “Friends, I love you all very much. See, I am not dead. I am alive I am not as old as people are saying. I still look good because of your prayers.”

The video was shared on social media by her daughter. While sharing the video, Tanya wrote, “Message from my mother to her fans ! With another death hoax going around she is well and doing great ! Despite images of her being spread across the internet when she was fighting her cancer battle many years ago that claim she looks old ! . She is now healthy and happy and beautiful ! Give her a break she is 73 !”

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