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Veteran Actor Dilip Kumar hospitalized, doctors fear kidney failure


The veteran actor Dilip Kumar has been ailing since past few years thank to his growing age. He has been going hospital too often for his regular checkups and other ailments that have hampered him since past few years. However, as per the recent buzz, the actor has been hospitalized again yesterday at the popular hospital called Lilavati Hospital. He is now being admitted in the ICU of the same hospital after he suffered from the issues of kidney ailment and dehydration. Though the doctors were suspecting the failure of his kidney but as per the recent updates, he is learnt to be stable.

The reports also suggest that he is now being shifted to the general ward away from the ICU. The doctors informed that his creatinine levels are seen rising which created the problem. Now the veteran actor is undergoing through the renal failure treatment but they informed that considering his age and conditions, he can be called as a serious patient now. However, last evening, the doctors embarked with their statement claiming that his conditions are stable and that the other organs of his body are suffered due to the some minor urinary issues else there is no other big complication with his body.

However, the team of doctors treating him said to the media that once again he would be shifted to the ICU for his fresh treatment and medication. Perhaps he will be reverted to the ICU today for a few hours for the said treatment and would be then returned to the general ward getting the discharge as well if things go smooth. The doctors have now kept the actor on antibiotics via IV drip which can be offered only in the ICU hence he shifted there. The doctors said that they would monitor the conditions of the patient and considering his improvement in his health conditions he will be taken back to the normal room.

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